Overview of the company business in this year and next year ?

This year all protein meat price dropped all over the world (pork, chicken, and duck is not exception). This is why our 2015 revenue and profit margin came down a bit lower than last year’s.

Then because we plan for second cluster (Integration) & plan to expand to oversea investment , we need to prepare HR, PR , marketing & Ads causing high expenses. You may know BR sponsors Thailand duck cooking contest. This is the introducing to our potential customers that how good duck meat that can also be main protein meat like pork or chicken. This is to enhance customer understanding for our future sale. Duck meat price is coming down. R & D expense for new products , marketing, HR expense, IPO expense, etc. cause our expense more but bring good future for BR sale. 2H2016 BR will start to harvest such result.

For expansion we did inform public (Second cluster) We bought land in Sra Kaew to build second cluster, consists of 1) hatchery, 2) slaughter house , 3) parent stock farm, 4) Commercial Farm. Bt. 1.4 – Bt. 1.5 billion to spend during now – 2016 & finish. So you can see We are NOW doing a lot for platform or foundation necessary for medium and long term growth for the company. This is to increase our business oversea and domestic.

AEC is open. The 2 most interesting market is
1) Indonesia – Green field project of duck integration – Now on negotiation & study of all term and condition. We will inform the public later whenever finalized.
2) China – also now under negotiation & study

What is your strategy for pushing business growth ?

For our medium & long term strategy - : During these 2 year from now, we focus Asia first (Indo & China – we view this 2 countries as that need investments)

As AEC is open soon, we will expand products from our second cluster to nearby countries such as Lao, Cambodia , Myanmar, and Vietnam . Such second cluster will also serve demand in up-country (such as Chiangmai, UBon Rajathani, Udon Thani as they have more income too. All these places can be transport via in-land transportation.

To be successful in such 2 countries, we must invest in R & D to come up with new product line or product development and also investment (CAPEX for machineries & equipment) in manufacturing to produce those new products in the next few years. We believe in 2H ‘2016 , we can see such new product lines start to yield income.

What is the advantage of BR ?

BR has good foundation consisting of all resources, i.e HR, experience, expertise that focus 100% in only duck meat, not variety of other protein meat companies. In addition, BR has 2 operational site which are Thailand and Holland that provides us flexibility. We can easily reach consumer market / channel for both regions. So we know market trend, consumer behavior, easily can upgrade our duck meat and position of ourselves. We dedicate in R & D for duck as we are real duck pioneer. Most of all, we are the only duck company listing in SET. Moreover, we are world’s largest duck meat manufacturer outside China. SO we are confident that we are duck industry leader.

Finally, As we have plan to enter into China for duck business. In the next 5-10 years from now, BR will become more successful than today.

What do you want to say to investor ? what return you will deliver to shareholders ?

2015 is the lucky year of BR for its IPO success showing supports from our shareholders and confidence from investors towards BR. BR is ready to take off to new milestone and big success. Before success, we need more expenses as 2015 – 16 are the year of building foundation & transformation. This needs supports from shareholders for this transition period as we need to spend time of HR, R & D, machinery. BR will realize FULL benefits starting from 2017 – 2018.

Our dividend policy is 50% from net profit.